The Volunteer Center
of Kern County, Inc...
The Volunteer Center of Kern County was established February 1972, celebrating over 30 years of service to the community.
The Volunteer Center of Kern County, Inc. is comprised of many agencies functioning as one central location for volunteerism efforts in Kern County.
Volunteer Exchange Program: Volunteers ranging in age from pre-school to 54 years of age.
RSVP - Senior Corps Program: Senior volunteers who are aged 55 and above.
Court Referral/Community Service Program: An alternate sentencing program utilized by court and probation in lieu of incarceration and/or fines.
Volunteer Activities: Calendar of Special Events and Activities for Volunteers and the Community.

Monopoly Mania 2015
LIVE THE GAME!!!! We're hosting our SECOND ANNUAL MONOPOLY MANIA!!! Get your tickets before they're gone! This event comes complete with dinner & dessert, live music, a silent auction, endless popcorn, random prizes and SPECIAL CARD games with prizes!!! Tickets are only $30.00 per person (advance purchase only). Time Players must be 18 years of age or older. VOLUNTEER BANKERS are needed to assist players with the game!!! SEE ACTIVITIES FOR MORE DETAILS!!