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Content includes:

 Letter from the Executive Director

Senior Day at the Kern County Fair

R.S.V.P. Luncheon

Keep Kern County Cool Fan Drive

Programs We Operate & List of Agencies We Help and 

Thank You to Our Donors


We had a gentlemen, who is a senior and a Veteran, stop by our office the week before our Fan Drive to give us a new fan to donate. 

He was on his way to Los Angeles to get treatment for a newly diagnosis of cancer. He said he has suffered a lot of illnesses but because he wanted to make sure before he left town that he brought his donation to our office so another senior could benefit. 

He said that while his body is suffering physically he won't let that deter him from helping others when he can. 

Stories like this one are so encouraging and we are so very thankful for those that are still willing to help the less fortunate in our community.