Champions of Outstanding Service

Volunteer of the Month


CSUB - Senior

Strategies & Tactics - Communications Comm 3220

Professor Han, Communications Comm 3220, CSUB, assists local non profit organizations during GIVE BIG KERN each year with an array of services provided by her students based on each non  profit agency's submission of a "wish list".  During GIVE BIG KERN 2018 the Volunteer Center's "wish list" focused on the updating, redesign and a more confident understanding of our website and preparation of the GIVE BIG KERN feature page.  Websites and social media have become valuable outreach tools for the non profit community and honestly, often the "first impression" perceived by potential volunteers, donors and community partners.  

Paul Lopez, CSUB senior, and Public Relations major, concluded his assigned "service" with the Volunteer Center on May 2, 2018, the day following GIVE BIG KERN 2018.  The word "remarkable" does not begin to describe the progress that has been made under the guidance, unbelievable amount of knowledge and endless amount of patience provided by our "Volunteer of the Month".  Although completely unknown to Paul at the time of his departure, choosing him as the honoree featured on the newly designed website  was an obvious choice!  

Originally from the San Fernando Valley, he graduated from Ridgeview High School and continued his education at Bakersfield College, and then onto CSUB.  He is currently working on a second BA, focused on Public Relations, anticipating graduation Fall 2018.  He has the ability to critique what is currently in place, evaluate and suggest better alternatives in design and provide instruction in how to obtain the "best" results.  Although possessing the ability to "fix"  any of our challenges he gifted to the Volunteer Center the "tools and knowledge" needed to maintain and continue the incredible amount of forward progress obtained while he was here.  

The Volunteer Center of Kern County has been extremely blessed to have had the time and talent contributed by our newest member of the Volunteer Center "family", Paul Lopez.  

THANK YOU Professor Han, GIVE BIG KERN and especially