The Volunteer Center of Kern County has been in operation since 1972, a project established by Junior League here in Bakersfield. As a pioneer in the field of volunteerism, our offices and staff strive for excellence. The Volunteer Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Unlike many of the large nonprofits that are a chapter of a larger organization, the Volunteer Center is a small, independent nonprofit with no "parent" organization to cover expenses if needed. With only one small revenue stream we rely on fundraisers, grants and donations to keep our programs going throughout the year. 

We operate the Court-Ordered Community Service Program for all of Kern County as well as the Americorps Senior Retired Senior Volunteer Program for our over 55 senior volunteers. Through these programs we send volunteers to nonprofits, governmental or health-related agencies all throughout Kern County.

With a battery of volunteers and key staff members, we are fortunate enough to build upon our mission. From sponsoring our annual Keep Kern County Cool Fan Drive for seniors to training volunteers in preparation for manning an Emergency Volunteer Center in the event of a disaster, we engage every opportunity to get people together and involved.


To mobilize people and resources to deliver creative solutions to address community issues through volunteerism.

VOLUNTEER CENTER OF KERN COUNTY is dedicated to shaping the community foundation by encouraging smart growth and optimal change throughout Kern County. Assisting the local non profit, governmental and health related agencies in their delivery of services to the residents of Kern County.

Volunteerism is  the practice  of volunteering  one's  time  or  talents  for charitable,  educational, or other worthwhile activities, especially in one's community. The Volunteer Center of Kern County takes this to heart and it is part of the fundamental foundation. Each volunteer is valued and their volunteer hours are appreciated by so many. 

"The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others." - DeAnn Hollis


"Working with the Volunteer Center of Kern County has been one of the greatest decisions of my life.  My experience working as a volunteer has been so rewarding, I have learned new skills and I feel I am making an impact in the community"

                     ~Volunteer ~